The Wood Elven kingdoms are relatively new factions amongst the Elves. They are the youngest of all the major Elven kingdoms. They are allied to the high Elves due to the Western Wood Elven lineage to the Southern high Elves. 
The kingdom is made up of two factions and distinct bloodlines, the larger of the two being the Western Wood Elven bloodline. The smaller of the two, and the original settlers of that region, are referred to as the Eastern Wood Elven bloodline.
The Western Wood Elves

The Western Wood Elves of the largest faction in the Wood Elven kingdom. They inherited a lot of their present day cultural views and outlooks from the Southern high Elves due to their lineage from that race of Elves. After the Twilight Wars ended, the Sword Elf refugees, now known as the Southern high Elves, sought sanctuary from the Northern high Elven King, wishing to return to their ancestral homeland. The high Elven King agreed to grant them sanctuary if they would pledge their loyalty to him and his authority and serve in his armies. Most of the Southern high Elven people agreed to these terms but there was dissension amongst some and nearly one tenth of the Southern high Elves left the high Elven kingdom and migrated to the densely forested lands in the east where there was known to be a lesser Elven tribe living. The Elves living there were considered to be ‘lesser Elves’ because they did not descend from any of the great four factions that participated in the Elder Wars. These Elves also lacked an understanding of the use of source magic, making them inferior in the high Elves’ minds. The Southern high Elven refugees brought their knowledge of source magic, as well as high Elven technology to these ‘lesser Elves’ and eventually established the Wood Elven kingdom and founded the capital city of Alderwood. Interbreeding between the Southern high Elves and the native Eastern Elves eventually created a new race and culture which was a combination of the two distinct cultures. This new kingdom flourished for about 8000 years, but dissension grew amongst the pure Eastern wood Elves as their power in their own land diminished and they were looked upon as inferior by the new people, who now called themselves Western Wood Elves. The native Eastern Wood Elven people had become second-class citizens in their own land and they eventually rose up against the Western Wood Elves, causing a civil war that lasted for three years. The two groups separated after the Eastern Wood Elves tried one last ditch effort to defeat their enemies by attacking the capital city of Alderwood. Their plan was to cut off the head of the snake by burning their capital city to the ground, however the armies of the Western Wood Elven King, ‘high Lord Aden’ were too strong, and the Eastern Wood Elves were defeated. The surviving native Eastern Elves were allowed to settle in the wooded highlands in the Northeast under the condition that they pledge loyalty to Lord Aden, which they did and still do. 

Western Wood Elven racial features

Western Wood Elves usually have reddish-blond hair and golden tan skin tones. Their eye color usually consists of a mixture of green and blue to varying degrees, most likely due to their mixed blood lineage to both the Eastern Wood Elves and the Southern high Elves.

The Eastern Wood Elves

The Eastern Wood Elves descended from lesser factions that did not participate in the Elder Wars. They are considered to be inferior Elves by the most of the dominant Elven factions. They are the smallest faction in the Wood Elven kingdom and have a loose system of government that involves Clan Lords. As a people, they are very independent in nature and tend to only band together when the need is most urgent. They are generally fun loving and much of their culture revolves around a deep respect of nature and their surroundings. The Eastern Wood Elven clan's now lives in the wooded highlands northeast of Alderwood and is considered a vassal state due to their grievous loss of the Wood Elven Civil War. 

Eastern Wood Elven racial features

The Eastern Wood Elves tend to have different degrees of red colored hair, as well as chestnut. Their eye color ranges from hazel-green to emerald-green and the skin tones tend to be pale to extremely fair, often with freckles.

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