Age of Darkness: refers to the period of time when the world of Ryyah was blanketed in a thick cloud cover, blocking out all sunlight for about 100,000 years.

Bonded Servants: refers to an Elf that has undergone the effects of the binding spell, which is the act of joining one's life energy to another. It is usually practiced amongst Elven aristocracy.

Elder Rune Crystal: refers to a depleted Rune Crystal that is no longer able to hold magic. It is commonly accepted that Elder Rune Crystal are the fragments of the source stone that exploded and covered Ryyah in darkness, which is why Elder Rune Crystal is typically found on the surface. Its value is not in the magical use but in the decoration of Elven jewelry.

The Elder Wars: refers to the civil war of the Elven Elders that took place between the four great factions that the major kingdoms of Elves are descended from. Historians speculate that the fierceness of the Elder Wars was directly responsible for the explosion that devastated Ryyah many millennium ago.

The Elven Bonding Spell: refers to the Elven marriage spell. Elves have a very unique and magical physiology and Elven couples can only produce offspring with one person in a lifetime. For that reason, Elven culture is very conservative. The Elven marriage partner is referred to as a ‘bonded mate’. As Elven males and females offer themselves to their potential mate, their magical bodies begin casting the spell of bonding. Once completed, this spell bonds two willing participants together for a lifetime. The spell is not broken if one partner dies; the surviving partner is still unable to produce children with any other mate. Furthermore, this spell affects their sex drive as well, making partners unable to become aroused by anyone but their mate. All Elves share this trait within their genes. Humans, Orc’Kind and dwarfs do not.

The First Dawn Age: refers to the time of the first sunrise on Ryyah, when the sun rose after more than 100,000 years of darkness. The races that emerged by this time were the high Elves, the Shadow Elves, the Ice Elves and the Fire Elves – all direct descendants of the four factions of the Elven Elders. Orc’Kind, dwarfs and humans had also survived the Age of Darkness and were discovered late in the Twilight era. Orc’Kind, dwarfs and humans were considered lesser races by the Elves and the Elves used them as pawns in their wars against each other. The Elves allowed them to form primitive kingdoms, gave them rudimentary technology and used them as buffer states and vassals during the Twilight Wars.

The Great Chasm: refers to a giant, canyon-like rift that separates the Western continent of Ryyah from the Eastern continent. The rift has a depth of 2500 m and can be as wide as 100 leagues. It has a series of narrow lakes and rivers that snake along the bottom of the canyon. Scholars believe that the chasm may have been the result of the explosion of the fabled ‘Elder’s source stone’ that ended the Elder Wars. 

Lesser Elves: refers to the race of Elves that did not descend from the four major factions that participated in the Elder War. Lesser elves are considered to be primitive by their ‘civilized’ counterparts.

Lesser Races: humans, dwarfs and Orc’Kind are considered lesser races by the Elven people. Elves typically refer to them as ‘barbarians’ and have little tolerance for them, using them only as pawns for their own purposes. 

Rune Crystal: refers to a type of crystal found underground that has magical properties of being able to hold usable energy. They are typically used to make magical items and are highly prized by Elves. Rune Crystal is the primary source for storing magical energy. It is no different from any other crystal found in the world if not calibrated to draw and store energy from its various sources.

Theories of the Rune Crystals: Many historians believe that the ‘Source stone’ that the Elven Elders referred to in their writing was entirely made up of Rune Crystal. Some archivists have deduced that the reason Elder Rune Crystal shards are so plentiful on the surface of Ryyah is because the great cataclysm was powerful enough to scatter shards of the original stone throughout the world. It is also believed that the cataclysm may be the reason for the state of the ‘Accursed Valley’. Scientists and historians theorize that the explosion originated somewhere within the center of the valley. The devastating explosion left a lingering green, toxic haze on the Valley floor that has never cleared. The only higher race able to survive in the poison haze is the Shadow Elves, and no one knows how they accomplish this. The Shadow Elves do not share secrets or technology with any other race unless there is benefit to them.

Rune Crystal Artifacts: refers to Rune Crystal devices that have “rune engraved enchantment”, which refers to the ancient written magical language of the Elven Elders. The enchantments can be highly complex and it takes a skilled magical user to activate the magical enchantments once placed onto the Rune Crystal. There are a number of enchantments that can be placed on a Rune Crystal artifact, but the most common is the ‘absorption enchantment’ that allows the crystal to absorb source energy and hold it for later use.

Rune Crystal Insertion: refers to a process in which a Rune Crystal shard is inserted into the forehead of an individual, implanting the shard directly into the brain. Only one out of three survives this process, but successful implantation results in the ability to channel more powerful magic and spells. Only Shadow Elves and Fire Mages use this process. Most Elven races do not use this process because it is so dangerous and many of the recipients of this process have been known to go mad in their later years. High Elves, Ice Elves and Wood Elves do not use this dangerous technique. Instead they use jeweled and ringed ‘Rune Crystal’ artifacts and devices. They are slightly less powerful but have no harmful effects for the user. Shadow Elves and Fire Elves also use ringed and jeweled artifacts and devices, but do not depend on them solely.

Schools of Magic: There are three types of magic schools - that of protection, attack, and healing. Protection magic consists of holding spells, which restrict opponents, and imbuing spells, which give individuals that are blessed with them increased attributes such as speed, dexterity and agility. Protection magic can also shield the user for a limited time. Healing magic usually consists of regenerative types of spells which allow individuals to recover quickly. Attack magic is generally used for combat and usually consists of different sorts of energy projectiles. 

The Source of Magic in Ryyah: there are two types of energy that make up magic. The first is the source energy, which refers to the natural energy that exists throughout the world of Ryyah. Magic users are trained to draw energy from various sources and store them in Rune Crystals. The second form of energy is usable energy, which refers to energy that has already been drawn from various sources and stored, and can be applied in various applications and uses depending on the training of the magic user. All Elves have the ability to convert their life energy into usable energy. This system of magic works by storing energy into Rune Crystal and then channeling the energies out to be manipulated by a magic user. Source Magic: refers to the system of magic commonly used throughout Ryyah which uses a process of pulling energy out of different sources and storing it in Rune Crystal.

The Source Stone: refers to the fabled magical Rune stone of the Elven Elders which somehow gave the Elven Elders immortality.

The Time Before Remembering: refers to The Elder Days - a time when the immortal Elven Elders ruled the whole of Ryyah. Their reign ended abruptly when the King of this great people died for an unknown reason. The Elders, unprepared for death, had no protocol to deal with the power vacuum this caused and, instead of coming together, the Elders broke into four main competing factions. The situation eventually decayed and led to a great civil war between the factions, ending with the shattering of the “source stone”, which exploded and blanketed the world in total darkness for 100,000 years. The descendents of the Elven Elders lost their immortality and, after several generations, started referring to themselves as only ‘Elven’ because in the Elven tongue, to be an Elder, one must be immortal. They revere the Elders and call on them in times of need, but no longer see themselves as Elders.

The Titan’s Spine: refers to a series of mountain ranges that cut across the northern region of the eastern continent of Ryyah. This is the largest mountain range within the world of Ryyah.

The Twilight Time: or “the age of twilight” - refers to the time where the darkness in the sky started to recede. This time of transitioning lasted for about 10,000 years and the whole world was blanketed in a haze of twilight during the daylight hours. As the haze began to clear in the final 1000 years, to the point where sunlight began showing in the world again, the descendents of the Elven Elders battled for power in the Twilight Wars. 

The Twilight Wars: refers to a series of wars that took place between the Fire Elves, Ice Elves, Shadow Elves, and high Elven people. This war helped establish the borders of the modern Ryyahion kingdoms and created advantages and disadvantages for the defeated and victorious within the world of Ryyah.

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