The Ice Elves live far to the north on the eastern continent of Ryyah, past the northern mountain range known as the ‘Titan’s Spine’. The climate is so cold that it is winter nine months out of the year. The Ice Elves live in large domed cities and towns until summer comes along for three months of the year. During the summer months, they catch fish, farm and gather the food they will need for the next nine months of winter. The food is stored in large, underground facilities that hold all the food the entire community would need year-round. During the winter months, the community focuses on studying archiving and preserving the ancient written history and the Elven Elder artifacts. The majority of the population of Ice Elves is made up of scholars, historians and philosophers, all dedicated to unraveling the lost and ancient mysteries of their great ancestors, the Elven Elders. The Ice Elves are almost completely isolated and have cut off all most all trade with the outside world.

The Ice Elves

The Ice Elves descend from one of the four great factions that participated in the Elder Wars. Their ancestors migrated north past the Titan’s Spine, eventually settling to form what is modernly known as the Ice Elven kingdom. Before the Twilight Wars, the Ice Elves traded freely with the outside world, most notably with the high Elves. The Ice Elves lived in harmony with the high Elves for many millennium and both kingdoms had signed an ancient defense treaty, pledging to aid each other if ever needed. When the Shadow Elves provoked war with the high Elves, the Ice Elves were forced, by obligation of the treaty, to join in the Twilight Wars. The wars were so devastating for the Ice Elves that after the wars ended the Ice Elves cut off all most all trade and communication with outsiders and have existed in this state ever since. 

The Ice Elven racial features

Due to the extremely cold climates of the far north, the Ice Elves typically have bluish-gray hair and dark blue eyes. Their skin coloring tends to be extremely pale to snow white.

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