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Birth of the Half Elves: 
An Unlikely Adventure of Strength, Desire and Love!

Meet Donovan

When Donovan was a 12-year-old boy, his peaceful village was raided by brutal barbarians who killed his father and took his mother away from him. During the raid, Donovan and many other villagers barely escaped the same fate and considered themselves lucky. But there was ONE mistake the brutal barbarians made…they took their captives through the mysterious Elven Woods.

The Elven Woods…

When the barbarians entered the Elven Woods, they had no idea what was in store for them. The Elves killed the slavers, but mysteriously decided to spare the boys. Instead, the boys were then skillfully trained in the unique ways of the Elven Rangers under the tutelage of the very stunning and beautiful Alyana. As the years passed, the boys became a valuable asset to the Elven king, but never more so than when the young princess Brandela was taken hostage by a different barbarian tribe.

Donovan’s Conquest…

When the princess is taken hostage, Donovan decides to set out on an adventure to bring back what he assumes will be a haughty princess. But what he doesn’t expect along this journey is how deeply in love he falls for her…

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