To truly understand the Elven people it is necessary to understand the Elven Elders. The Elven Elders were the first sentient race that existed on Ryyah many countless years ago, during the Time Before Remembering. 

Much of the written history of the Elven Elders was lost, but it is assumed that the Elders were a race of Elves who invented source magic. They used this technology to shape their world and their environment and they eventually discovered how to tap into source energy to create a form of immortality for their entire race. 

During this time of development, untold thousands of years passed, a time referred to by most scholars as the Elder Days. ​
​When the Rune Crystal exploded, it caused the Elven Elders to lose their immortality. Many of the writings preserved from that time speak of when the fabled Source Stone winked out of existence. The truly ancient Elven Elders died immediately, leaving only those Elders who were young enough to survive on the planet without the aid of the Source Stone. Almost overnight, the Elven Elder people lost many of their brightest and wisest minds and, if that were not bad enough, the Source Stone ushered in the Age of Darkness, which lasted for about 100,000 years. 

Some scholars speculated that the Source Stone exploded because of the disharmony that emerged amongst the Elven Elder factions which lead to the great civil war, known as the Elder Wars. Scholars believe that the Source Stone may not have been only a simple Rune Crystal, but that it was also the embodiment or a reflection of the Elven Elder’s emotions. It is unclear exactly how it worked, as that technology was lost long ago, along with many other ancient techniques. 
Many of the combat techniques that are still used in modern times were created during the Elder Wars. The four Elven factions invented countless spells used to fight and dominate each other. Many of the more powerful spells were lost, but variations of the attack spells that were used during that war still exist today, passed down from generation to generation and undergoing alteration, depending on the group of Elves.

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