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  Time Before Remembering
  • All of Ryyah ruled by immortal Elders, led by one King
  • King died unexpectedly and for unknown reasons. 
  • Death was unknown to these Elders and they did not have protocol in place to deal with the power vacuum the king’s death created.
  • Four groups of Elders (the predecessors to all the modern Elves) began to compete for power. 

Civil War between 4 main factions 
  • Ended with the shattering of the source stone
  • Created the Great Chasm between West and East
  • Ryyah blanketed in total darkness
  • Elders did not come back together, but broke off and formed individual sovereign kingdoms.

  • Lasted 100,000 years
  • Elves lost immortality

Twilight Time
  • Darkness begins to recede
  • 10,000 year transition
  • Sword Elf kingdom established west of Great Chasm, lasted for 2000 years
  • Fire Elves rediscovered by Sword Elves
  • Sword Elf kingdom destroyed by army of Shadow Elves
  • Fire Elves forced into alliance with Shadow Elves and created ‘Order of the Temples Flame’
  • Survivors of Sword Elf kingdom cross the Great Chasm to flee the Shadow Elves and settle in the southeast. They become known as Southern High Elves.

Twilight Wars
  • During final 1000 years of Twilight
  • Between Fire, Ice, Shadow and high Elves (4 groups descended from the 4 main Elder factions)
  • Determined modern boundaries and alliances
  • Western Wood Elves established
  • Southern high Elves request sanctuary from Northern king
  • 1/10th of Southern Elves disliked Northern king’s terms and head east
  • Settled with ‘lesser Elves’ and established new kingdom
  • Founded Alderwood
  • Flourished for 8000 years

Civil War between Western Wood Elves (southern x native eastern elves) and Native Eastern Wood Elves
  • Native Eastern Elves 2nd class citizens, lost all of former power, dissension
  • War lasted 3 years
  • Eastern Elves defeated by Lord Aden
  • Given land in wooded highlands, pledged loyalty to Lord Aden
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