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It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold, and no good deed goes unpunished; therefore, so begins the latest adventure in this romantic action adventure series, World of Ryyah: Threat from the North: Book Three in the Elven Age Saga, created by H.L. Watson. As the war heats up between the Western Wood Elven Kingdom and the house of Donovan, Addlin must choose between unlikely paths that his people must walk. Though the house of Donovan did the impossible and fended off the first wave of Western Wood Elven invaders, sometimes victory brings with it a whole new set of problems and complications, and time is running out for the house of Donovan. Will Addlin be able to overcome the nearly insurmountable obstacles now placed before him? Will he be able to forge an unlikely alliance that could possibly bring his people salvation? Or will the first half-elven kingdom the World of Ryyah has ever known fade into the shadows of history. World of Ryyah: Threat from the North!